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"You’ve Invested Thou$and$"

The question is never "If?" It's "How many?" Protecting equipment that you've worked so hard for isn’t an option. BC Cases has been designing and engineering ATA cases for over 45 years! A well designed fleet of cases will save you time and money. Our case design specialists will work with you to understand the unique challenges your business faces.

"We think inside and outside the box"

Not only will your gear fit like a glove in a BC Cases case, our design specialists take extra care to make sure our cases fit your company to maximize your storage and transport space.

"You've Worked Hard to be Different"

Every business is presented with its own unique set of challenges. Why settle for cookie cutter cases? BC Cases has been helping businesses like yours brand themselves for over 45 years here in the USA. Let our experienced case design team create cases that scream "Your Business" is in the house! We specialize in custom designs, colors, screen printing and stenciling.

You’ve worked hard for your equipment, let your cases work for you.

"Experience. Strength"

It's what you want when you buy cases. With over 45 years in this business right here in the USA, BC Cases is both experienced and strong. We know how to design a case that will help reduce load in and load out times, saving you real time and money.


Our ATA Series Trunks are made to carry heavy loads. Truck pack sized cases (call us for specific Fast-Ship sizes) can be ready to ship FAST! Call us for details if you’re in a Rush! Recessed hardware, multi-ply walls, line-x coating, stack-ability and heavyweight casters are what we do and we’ve done it for over 45 years! Every gig is different, we also offer heavy duty removable dividers for your cases to be as flexible as the work you do. Added Muscle includes 4" super duty casters that feel like the case is cruising on its own! Let us match your company’s color scheme and logo and your cases become a marketing tool. Our design specialists will work with you to meet the challenges you face every day.

Need Lightweight? Ask us about our Duralight Series


You want tough? BC Cases is tough. For over 45 years, we’ve had to be.

Lighting Cases

More than any other case companies, we understand the "Weekend Warrior" DJs, trade shows, local venues, outdoors. We’ve seen it all and in the 45 years since we opened our doors we’ve probably built a case for it.

You’re different. You have unique challenges. Your combination of lighting gear is complicated. Your load in just takes too long… Let us work with you to create an engineered case system that will travel in your vehicles, roll into your venues, and store in your shop all with the right footprint. Storage space is $$$, we get it. At BC Cases, you know we use the right stuff to build cases that last. Add some "smart muscle" to your business and let us work with you to design the lighting cases that will get your job done, on time, no matter where it is!

Wait a minute! "My lights don’t leave the building…" Venues can change a light map for every show. Call our design specialists for storage solutions that will save time, space, and energy. Not all cases travel thousands of miles. Call us for ideas that will meet your needs for in-house storage. Never leave your expensive investments unprotected and not secure!

Lighting Console Cases

When it comes to Lighting Consoles, BC Cases is strictly business. We work closely with each manufacturer to ensure the highest level of protection available, and we work with each customer to fully understand their transport, storage, and usage needs. Your Light Board is your Life Blood. Let BC Cases protect it whether it rides in your truck, in the belly of your SUV, or in your 1967 VW Tour Bus! Our lighting console cases are pure muscle. You’ve made the investment to get the best gear you can get – so wrap it safely with BC Cases, we think of everything!

The toughest ATA Features include:

  1. Right Sized heavy duty wheels if needed
  2. 1/2” Birch Ply
  3. Custom interior
  4. Recessed Hardware
  5. Choice of Color
  6. Ask us about our custom silk screening and stenciling features

Need Lightweight?

Ask us about our Duralite Series lightweight option. The same heavy duty features using lighter weight Duralite* construction!

*may not be suitable for all lighting consoles

Motor Cases

All of the "Rock Solid" features that have made our ATA Trunks a top seller for over 45 years go into our Motor and Chain Hoist cases. Recessed hardware, birch ply walls, line-x coating, stack-ability and heavyweight casters. BC Cases are made here in the USA with proven designs and technology. Our design specialists work with the manufacturers to ensure a proper fit. It takes Powerful Stuff to load in a light show and BC Cases is all in for the life of your gear.

It's what you want when you buy cases. With over 45 years in this business right here in the USA, BC Cases is both experienced and strong. We know how to design a case that will help reduce load in and load out times, saving you real time and money.

Moving Light Cases

BC Cases are built here in Los Angeles, California, USA. This gives us the unique ability to work directly with manufacturers to build the strongest and best fitting cases in the industry. Whether the lights you choose are built in the USA or elsewhere, they come through L.A. and our design specialists are here to design the best protection for your precious investment!

Video Panel and Flat Screen Cases:

You do it all. Lighting, rigging and LED Video! Load in and set up times are getting longer and longer. For the latest and most innovative designs, talk to our design specialists. Whether you have one 50" flat screen or a 50' video wall, BC Cases will pack it right and keep your set up to a minimum. We listen carefully to your production challenges to create the right solution for your business needs!

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